Hospitality Wi-Fi Services

Maximize Hotel Guest Satisfaction With Exceptional Hospitality Wi-Fi Solutions

Hotel guest Wi-Fi connectivity is as important as a pillow. Fast hotel Wi-Fi network operators need to provide:

  • Guest Wi-Fi access to support streaming video
  • High-capacity and high-density connectivity in meeting and conference rooms
  • Secure access for guests, staff, maintenance, IoT devices and video surveillance cameras
  • Guest and port security from Wi-Fi to Ethernet switching
  • Application visibility and control

Cambium Networks Hospitality solutions provide connectivity that just works all the time.

  • Hotel Wi-Fi solutions that meet and exceed hospitality industry standards
  • Proven to deliver reliable connectivity for independent hotels and international hotel chains
  • Cost-effective solutions for owned and franchised hotels
  • More than 2,000 hotel clients that are independent, local, regional and international chains with  up to 5-star ratings

SIMPLE: make it easy to satisfy guests

  • Zero-Touch Configuration
    • Day Zero – Pre-configure the network before you even receive the access points
    • Day One – Just plug in the access points, and they will be configured automatically
    • Ongoing – Automatic RF controls adjust the network
  • Manage everything easily from one console. Use a Single-Cloud Dashboard Monitor to manage the entire network, whether for a school or district wide. Control the network from a single screen to optimize performance and minimize network downtime
  • Migrate to Wi-Fi 6 easily as guests bring their new 802.11ax tablets and devices

SCALABLE: connect a hotel or resort campus

  • Cambium Networks offers a complete portfolio of Wi-Fi access points and a variety of options for management systems that will fit large and small hospitality venues as they grow. Solutions include:
    • Automatic RF optimization
    • Seamless roaming
    • Dashboard with system-level, site-level and access point level key performance indicators (KPI)
  • Deploy the entire network in one day and manage with enterprise-grade automation
  • Scale Wi-Fi coverage across high-density networks, convention centers, sports arenas and auditoriums. Simultaneously, these locations have application visibility and control, integrated network security and embedded controller intelligence. With this in mind, you can optimize performance for multiple locations

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